Grey x Christian Boaro

Heritage is a GREY project that gives voice to the far-sighted fashion generation of designers and emerging brands that are establishing themselves in the contemporary scene.

For the #02 edition of Heritage we are showcasing CHB, the straightforward and innovative brand founded by Christian Boaro in 2020. Christian’s project focuses on the duality of the feminine and masculine wardrobe, essentially creating a narration of timeless beauty embracing individuality and uniqueness.
Genderless and seasonless are two concepts embedded in CHB’s DNA giving us a glimpse of what the future of fashion holds. Here is Christian Boaro’s take on these topics and his career.

Photography Simone Paccini
Creative direction Caterina Egidi
Interview by Anna Frattini
Model Or Shapira @ WhyNotModels
Casting Director Mattia Marazzi
Make-up Raffaele Schioppo for Simone Belli Agency
Hair Manuel Ian Farro
Fashion Assistant Flaminia Tonnicchi
Photographer Assistant Luigi Angelico

Editor-in-chief Valentina Ilardi

Date: 14.10.2022
Loaction: Milano MI