Blumarine x Artribune

A Documentary shot for Artribune x Blumarine during the Fashion Show.
In a post-apocalyptic scenario, the Blumarine warriors of the autumn – winter 2023/24 collection, a mix between Joan of Arc and Tomb Raider, are ready to challenge the flashes of fire of the metallic logo burning at the center of the scene. To the tune of Michel Gaubert, a sound designer also known for his social profile on pop culture, silhouettes are paraded whose armor is in draped jersey, available both in fluid dresses and ultra-slim trousers. The uniforms are recognized in the long coats and bomber jackets with pinched shearling collars, to establish the strength and majesty of the Blumarine heroes and heroines.

Photography @Simone Paccini

Text & Editing @Alessia Caliendo

Date: 10.04.203
Loaction: Milano MI